BWCA Adventures

August 1, 2022


A BOB Story…

Young men, leaders who care, dads, and the boundary waters. Sounds like a great time! Add in each dad, leader, and young man sharing deeply with one another about life and how they relate and connect with Jesus our savior and you have the best time!

This year we got the opportunity to do just this in the boundary waters! Most of the students who joined us had just graduated High School and after this trip will spend the next couple of months getting ready for the next big steps in adulthood. This trip was a great chance to help those young men reconnect and recenter with God the Father before leaving on the next step of their journey.

This trip was another reminder of just how important it is to get away from the noise of this world and reconnect with a God who loves us and wants to connect with us.
In Christ’s Love, Christian Kirmeier