You’ve Got a Friend in Me

June 3, 2024


A Full Circle Story…

One of our goals at Full Circle is to create a welcoming space for teenagers to connect with others. This goal becomes more significant when teenagers at Full Circle share with us their lack of daily connection. A common scenario we encounter is the majority of their social connection is over a screen. Furthermore, as we have discovered Full Circle teenager’s stories, we have learned they are often considered the outcasts at school, have high social anxiety, and have been bullied in their past.

This is why it is rewarding to see the genuine friendships forming in front of us each Thursday night. Sometimes that is over a game of “Uno No Mercy” (that seems like it will never end) or genuine laughs around a table eating a home cooked meal. Even more significant than seeing it with our own eyes, is hearing it articulated by the teenagers themselves. They have found genuine friendships at Full Circle- friendships they haven’t received elsewhere in their lives.

In a recent end of the year survey some heartwarming responses were- “I now know, I can make friends without pushing them away…” “I first came to Full Circle to get help, now I come to spend time with friends.” “A truth I have learned at Full Circle is I am loved.” And another one.. “I can make friends by being me.” These direct quotes from teens show us they can excitingly show up to Full Circle and genuinely be themselves and loved for the core of who they are.

Thank you for making this valuable connection space possible through your financial support and your intentional prayers.


Sara Miller
Full Circle Coordinator