Two Hours on a Thursday Night

March 1, 2022


A Full Circle Story…

It was during the beginning months of Full Circle that I grew to understand the impact two hours on a Thursday night had on our teenagers. For some this space is seemingly the only thing that gives them hope and helps them endure the day to day. For *Patrick, it was what helped him choose life.

This was revealed when Patrick “took more time” during our weekly check in. Each Thursday, the teenagers have an opportunity to rate their weeks on a scale of 0-10, name five feelings they experienced during the week and the option to “take more time” to explain those feelings. On this night, Patrick courageously chose to take more time. After a couple weeks hiatus, Patrick shared he had made poor choices that resulted in him going to the Juvenile Detention Center. Affected by a history of depression, this environment created deep lows proceeding in him contemplating taking his life. As he shared this pain, a smile suddenly broke through. A dramatic shift. He proceeded to share with the group, “It was the thought of returning to you guys, Full Circle, that helped me keep going.”

Each Thursday, we remind our teenagers of three truths– they are capable, loveable, and worthwhile; they are loved without strings and & never alone; and they have a future. One and a half years later, Patrick is usually the first to declare the three truths about himself and others in the room. Hope has taken root in Patrick’s life because he now KNOWS he is never alone. He has a future because of the healing work God is doing every Thursday night at Full Circle.