Talking to God

March 5, 2024


A Braid Story…

Recently, one of the dedicated volunteers on our Braid team was sharing her story with an audience of 20 teenage girls on a Monday night. She was sharing about a time when God had impressed on her that she was fearfully and wonderfully made, which was what she was hoping to communicate to the girls. Somewhere in the midst of her story, she referenced talking to God, and a young girl blurted out, “Hold on, you talk to God?” What unfolded over the next few minutes, with 19 other girls listening, was a conversation about how we have access to talk to the God of the universe through prayer.

We can prepare, plan and show up, and then we get to be the audience as God speaks to kids’ hearts, prompting questions and discussions that we didn’t plan for. I have found myself reminded recently of the mysterious and unknown ways that God speaks to us and through us. Be encouraged that He is victorious, even when things aren’t going as planned; when well planned out conversations seem chaotic; and when people’s responses aren’t what we had hoped for. He is our King and He is victorious.

Angelina Holte
Braid and Campus-Life North Side Site Coordinator