Life Witnessed

October 1, 2022


A Satisfied Story…

YFC engages in authentic 3-story relationships with youth in many different ways. For Satisfied, this happens in three ways–in the “wild” at our local skatepark, programmed skate sessions in the Bread Box, and trips/events. This summer was a blast of a summer because we got to bring nine lively teenagers from our Satisfied skate ministry out to Wyoming to experience Adventure Camp for the first time! It was special to share these spaces and experiences with many of my youth because I witnessed so much life in those hundred plus hours we spent together!

One of our campers in particular had a really special week. Rewind to last winter, this teenager  happened to be the first kid to walk into our skatepark during the grand opening night. He continued coming on and off throughout our winter season of Satisfied and I’d often connect with him at our local skatepark the following spring season. Though there were many obstacles in between, we were praying he’d be able to join us at camp this summer. When we extended the invitation to him, he was so excited! He decided to apply for our camp scholarship and below is his response of why he wanted to attend camp and what he wanted to gain from it….“I want to attend camp for the experience and to have fun with my friends. I also would like to get closer to God and really find the better me.”

I’m so grateful to say he got to come to camp and have a great week! I can still picture him laughing and smiling with his friends around the “lampfire” during worship. We witnessed this young man go a level deeper with his story and grow closer to his Heavenly Father. Since camp, I’ve been grateful to consistently spend time with him while fishing, skating, going to church, getting lunch and most importantly, walking together through both the joys and heartbreaking parts of his story. I’m saying “Thank you Lord that your heart is insistent on these youth. Continue to make a way.” Please continue to pray with us as we enter our winter season of Satisfied!

By His Sprit,