Lessons that Lead to Deep Questions

February 1, 2023


A Band of Brothers (BoB) Story…

As I, Brad, sat down this summer and brainstormed with Matt our Ministry Director about what our Band of Brothers boys needed this school year, I felt called to really lean on hard some of the biblical truth we have been teaching these boys for years. These past weeks we have dug deep into these lessons and tried to unpack how we know for sure there is a God; where is God when there is personal and global suffering; and how can I have a relationship with Jesus if he died…

Our leadership team has stepped up to teaching these lessons and the boys have responded. So much so that after the lessons, leaders have had boys skip dodgeball (which is pretty important to the crew at BoB Cooper) to have real conversations about things they are wrestling with. One of our boys, Ricky, asked a leader to talk with him about heaven and hell, which in turn led to a great opportunity to present the Gospel. It ended with Ricky giving our leader, John, a hug and thanking him for all he shared. The next week, another boy named Tim, talked to a leader, Nate, about our creator God. Tim was questioning if God really is the most powerful god… What if the God of the Bible was created by another god. Nate got to share biblical truth … In the beginning, God. (Period… full stop) The God of the Bible is above time, space, and matter. By sharing this, Nate was able to explain to this teenager that God is the most powerful God since those things were created by Him and something can’t come from nothing.

As the ministry of Band of Brothers continues to grow, I am excited to see our team share biblical truth in authentic Christ-sharing relationships and am honored to be a part of this incredible team and ministry.

-Brad Scherer
BoB Ministry Site Coordinator