June 1, 2022


A Portable Vision/Audio Story…

It’s no surprise, but this spring we discovered something we’ve always known. We learned again that the creative process, especially when practiced in community, connects stories. Mine. Theirs. God’s.

Here’s what one graduating senior wrote about his experience in Portable Vision and Audio this semester: “Working together with others in this way has been a tremendous joy… It has opened me up to God and His voice in my life… My spiritual journey has changed throughout this session… But my takeaway is: no matter how terrible life may seem. No matter how oppressive, you are never too far gone. Never.”

There were dozens more stories like this shared at our Portable Vision & Audio Gallery Show, Hindsight, last week. Click HERE to see last spring’s show (2021). This will give you a sense for the work we do together.  I encourage you to spend some time here. Linger over art, story, and the mystery of God’s work with His people in creative spaces.

We are so grateful for your partnership, friends.
Shalom, Matt