God Wants You

May 1, 2024


A Satisfied Story…

It was a full house of middle schoolers and high schoolers on Friday night at Satisfied, YFC’s skateboarding ministry. A couple leaders and the high schoolers were all sitting on the halfpipe for skate chat, where we talk about our story and God’s story. That particular night, we talked about God’s grace and mercy.

After skate chat, the high schoolers grabbed their boards and started skating as they excitedly should, but Henry* stayed back. As he silently stood there in the middle of the halfpipe, I said “I’m really glad you’re here tonight Henry. How are you doing?” Henry responded, “I’m really glad to be here too, I like it here”… then his countenance changed and he shared… “I’ve been struggling in the mental department recently.” Seeing the water in his eyes, I knew this was serious. He continued to say, “I’ve been thinking about God a lot more since coming to Satisfied… I’m not sure he wants me.” In listening compassionately and responding to what Henry shared with me, I was able to assure him, God “wants” him; his life has so much purpose; and every good gift in his life comes from God. “God loves you more than you can imagine and you have so much value Henry. As much as we’re here for you at Satisfied, Henry, God is there for you even more.”

Wow. My heart is stirred. My response is to pray. I’m thanking God for this conversation with Henry. Please continue to join me in praying for God’s powerful and life-giving love to be experienced by Henry and by other teenagers that we’re in relationships with. God, it’s got to be you, you can do it, may it be.

Thank you! By His Holy Spirit,
Josh Miller
Satisfied Coordinator

*all names have been changed