God is There to Help Me

April 1, 2024


A Wheel’s Story…

Cody* says life would be a lot different if he hadn’t been involved in the YFC Wheels program. “Before I got involved with Wheels I had a real anger issue. I was constantly involved in fights, wasn’t doing well in school and spent most of my time playing video games.  I felt alone, didn’t think I had much to offer and didn’t have much of a plan for my future.”

Cody says that he knows the YFC leaders at Wheels care about him. “They show me how to use the tools and how to be a mechanic and then they let me try new things so I can do it myself. My confidence in working with cars has really grown. The leaders also teach me about how God wants to help me in every area of my life. The weekly talks and the relationships I have built with the leaders and the other students have really helped me! I know that God is there to help me in my relationships. I’ve learned that when I start to feel anger coming on, I need to stop myself from reacting and ask God to help me.  I’ve even learned to say I’m sorry when I’m part of the problem; that’s something I would never have done before. When I finish High School, I want to take automotive in College and become a mechanic. I know God is with me and will help me in my future job plans and in having good relationships with others!”

Scott Anderson
Executive Director