Families Matter

February 1, 2024


A Portable Vision/Audio Story…

It’s difficult to know what’s really going on within a family… until you genuinely ask. Hector’s attitude had been “off” for weeks. Normally a positive, outgoing young man, last month we noticed Hector withdrawing during our large-group programing. When asked how he was doing, Hector would respond with one or two-word answers… and almost no emotion. Sometimes, he’d even get visibly frustrated with mentors he otherwise loved and respected… just for checking in on his progress in the art studio.

I decided to have a sensitive conversation with Hector’s mom. She was so relieved that I’d come to her with our concerns. She was feeling alone in parenting and support for Hector. And as it turned out, she and Hector’s dad had just separated. A rush of emotion overcame me as I considered the isolation Hector had been experiencing. I had compassion and understanding, as a result of listening. Our team has since rallied for this young man. Another mentor just reported how she bumped into Hector outside of YFC programming and how receptive he was to genuine questions about his life and emotional well-being.

We’re continuing to stay invested with Hector and with mom, because families matter, and ministering to kids means staying invested in families. This makes our mission complex. It also makes it essential for us to partner with churches, agencies, and other likeminded partners, so that our work is well coordinated, sustainable, and fruitful. Hector wasn’t meant to wander this journey alone. Families aren’t meant to survive without outside support. And, we are not meant to minister alone. It takes a family to support our families. So we share the load by listening and responding together.

Thank you for being in this with us… for the Kingdom,

Ministry Director