Car Rides With Teenagers

November 1, 2023


A Band of Brothers Story…

Car rides with teenagers can turn into divine appointments. After picking Casey up for a regular night of Band of Brothers, you could tell that he wanted to talk. He shared that he was angry because of something that had happened at school and how his parents reacted. After letting him talk, I shared how it’s not an easy job to be a parent, and how I get it wrong as a dad sometimes. I also shared how we have a father in Heaven who never gets it wrong and that He loves him unconditionally. After listening, I could see Casey soften a little bit and he was more ready to engage at BoB.

Casey’s life isn’t easy. He has been expelled from school, his parents are divorced and he has bounced around from one parent to the other, all while dealing with significant mental health challenges. However, through this all God has given our team at BoB Cooper so many opportunities to speak truth and life into Casey’s story through the love of Jesus. He is a regular on Monday nights to BoB and has been out to Adventure Camp in Wyoming. Through all of this time with Casey at regular programming and in vehicles together (did I mention it’s a 13 hour van ride to WY?) I have had the opportunity to see a teenager who is lost, is searching for an identity and a place to belong. Casey is finding at least some of those things at BoB because of a team of adult men who are showing him the love of Christ.

Grateful for your prayers and your partnership as it continues to propel us to more interactions with Casey and so many other kids like him.

In Christ,
Brad Scherer