At the Table…Family Style

January 2, 2024


A Satisfied Story…

“Break bread and shred!” As silly as it is, I say it all the time, because it really does sum up a night of Satisfied, our skate ministry program. Teenagers do come ready to “shred” and it’s true, we do “break bread”. We love to stop flying off the walls, sit down at the tables and eat together. It’s one of my favorite parts of Friday nights.

God has been getting my attention with tables lately. I see the Lord’s heart for these kids at the table. So much so, I find myself sitting down with these teenagers more than skating with them on a Friday night. When I was seeking to build a team of adult volunteers for Satisfied, the response I often got was, “but I don’t skateboard.” I’d respond with a smile and say, “Teenagers don’t need more skaters, they need more sitter-downers”. Now, it’s the best when I look across the room and see adult leaders who live for Christ, sharing a table with these teenagers.

The beautiful reality is, this everyday table space isn’t exclusive to a programmed night of Satisfied. Another adult leader and I were recently at a local restaurant table with a teenager who we’ve been in relationship with for three years through Satisfied. In reflection he shared, “Guys, I know I’m not always that deep but Satisfied saved my life. It’s more than friendship, you guys are family… you’re like my brothers”. It is the Holy Spirit at work in this young man’s life that brought him a great hope, through the setting of our indoor skatepark at YFC, relationship with a couple skater friends, and the sharing of table spaces. God saves, amen!

Thank you for your continued support. Please keep praying. You’re helping set the table. It’s true “the Kingdom is at hand”, isn’t it? Even at a table.

By His Spirit,
Josh Miller
Satisfied Skate Ministry Coordinator