An Unexpected Visitor

April 1, 2022


A Satisfied Story…

As a young boy Josh would live for the moments that he could head to Stretch’s street park, a local indoor skatepark and work on the latest trick he was learning. Because he spent so much time there he began to develop a relationship with the owners. This became a special place for Josh, he felt he could be himself there. A place where he felt accepted.

Fast forward 18 years and that young boy is now a 25 year old man who loves Jesus, skateboarding, and teenagers! Josh recently came on staff with YFC to lead a skateboarding ministry called Satisfied. On a recent Friday night, Josh and his Satisfied team got to host the grand opening of our new indoor skatepark, The Bread Box, located in the upstairs of YFC! There were lots of excited middle school and high school skateboarders who couldn’t wait to skate at the new park.

That night Josh also had an unexpected special visitor show up–in the door walked the former owner of the long since closed skatepark that Josh would frequent-Stretch and his wife! They had heard that Josh was part of a vision to see an indoor skatepark for teenagers in the St. Cloud area and they wanted to come support Josh and see it for themselves. Imagine Stretch’s surprise when Josh gave him a tour and brought him to a broken skateboard on the wall that had been signed by Stretch so many years ago.

Stretch, and so many others poured into Josh as a young man. Now Josh and his team are on mission together to pour into the lives of young skateboarders who desperately need to know they are loved and valued…not because of the latest trick they can perform but because they are made in the image of God.