A Summer Can Change an Eternity

June 1, 2023


A Satisfied Story…

Recently I’ve been reminiscing about last summer as I prepare for this summer. Last year during this time I would have been scribbling names of youth on a whiteboard. Wondering who would end up coming to Adventure Camp. Praying for those teenagers on the whiteboard but also for the names of those we didn’t even know yet. Ben was one of those names… I received an unexpected message from him June 3, 2022 asking about camp. Up to this point I had limited contact with him. I recognized him from the skatepark, but didn’t know his name yet.

Ben’s text message turned into not only a week at camp with us, but into lasting relationships with others in Christ-centered community. Most importantly, camp led Ben into a lasting relationship with the Lord. It’s because of these reasons he would tell you Adventure Camp was a top highlight of his life.

Many times Ben and I have been the last ones at the park, standing in the parking lot, talking about life and its challenges. We’ve talked about his future and the dreams he has. I’ve listened. And in the process, I’ve shared pieces of my story and God’s story. From the skatepark parking lot last summer, to today, what a gift it has been to witness eternal change in this young man’s life.

To invite and to trust God as he continues pursuing these teenagers with His love… What encouragement it is to remember that now as I’m looking at an even bigger list of teenagers’ names to invite to camp this summer!

I’m thanking God for this summer before it’s even begun. Thank you for trusting God and being in prayer with us!

By His Spirit,
Josh Miller (Satisfied Ministry Coordinator)