A Perfect Father

May 3, 2023


A Wheels Story…

When David first came to YFC Wheels he had very few friends and in his own words, “I knew nothing about God.”  He wouldn’t risk building friendships because he didn’t think anyone would like him. David’s father left when he was two years old and hasn’t made one attempt to see him since.  “If my own father doesn’t see any value in me, he thought, I must not have any value.”

YFC has helped David begin to change his perspective. Since coming to the Wheels Program, he’s learned that he does have value. “I’ve built new friendships with the other kids and the leaders have shown me that they care about me. I’ve also learned that I do have things to offer. They’ve helped me learn skills in working on cars, but they’ve also taught me that God loves me & is a father who will never leave me.”

David still has struggles.  He sometimes feels overwhelmed with schoolwork. He’s gotten picked on by kids at school and says he is at times a joker in inappropriate ways; not taking life seriously when he should. But, most importantly, David has learned that God is always there to help him – that his Heavenly Father will never leave him!

Scott Anderson
Executive Director and Wheels Ministry Site Coordinator

*Please note, names have been changed and pictures are not connected