August 2, 2023


An Adventure Camp Story…

Blake started coming to Band of Brother’s a few years ago. His home life is really rough and he has been deeply hurt by those closest to him. What we noticed immediately was that Blake was ready to receive love. Due to his storyline, he has all kinds of gaps in his skills and has fears that can overwhelm him.  But when a loving, caring adult is willing to (for example) teach him how to throw a frisbee–he is ready to learn with a big smile on his face. We have seen this same willingness, with adults and his peers cheering him on, to push through fears on the rock climbing wall, to get on a mountain bike, and to tell his life story.

We knew it was a big leap for Blake to come to Adventure Camp in Wyoming but he did come… and experienced so many new things with courage. He didn’t miss what God was revealing to him. In fact, he shared with us, after a hike to a breathtaking waterfall, that he had just “given himself to God” at the waterfall and that “he had been cleansed by God for the first time.” This moment was captured in a photo that soon will become a poster on Blake’s wall. Our prayer is that everytime he looks at it, he will be reminded of God’s immense love for him through all the brokenness and the pain. God is doing a beautiful work in Blake’s life and we are so hopeful for him.

With joy,
Hannah Hutton (Leadership Development Director)