Our Response to Covid-19

As we monitor and respond to challenges posed by the coronavirus, we do so out of an overwhelming commitment to health.  In support of this value we will follow the guidance of health experts & the policies set by our area schools and government officials.  At present that means we have temporarily stopped all face-to-face programming with teenagers until authorities tell us it is safe and prudent to do otherwise.  We are team players. Because of this, we accept our challenge to help the greater population “flatten the curve” of viral spread. We do so with love for our extended “neighbors” in Central MN.  We realize that none of us actually know if we’ve been exposed and therefore may unwittingly expose others. We are committed to setting an example for kids and for others who may be less sensitive to these realities. We do not want to confuse our constituents or our community. 


That being said, we want you to know that we have not stopped ministry with kids!  We are using the word “replace” instead of “cancel” as it relates to previously scheduled meetings and contacting with our teens.  In this day and age of technology we have the ability to creatively connect with kids online. For example, our Portable Vision students can continue their art projects at home while virtually connecting with the YFC leaders and the rest of the students.  A box of art materials will be delivered to their front doorstep and the regular meeting will take place via video conference. Staff and volunteers will also keep in regular one to one contact with teens by phone, email and zoom calls.


We also know the importance of prayer in reaching our kids.  These kids and their families are facing fear of the unknown and desperately need God to help them navigate this uncertainty!  We are committed to make sure that every teen is prayed for on a daily basis. All of our staff & volunteers and hopefully you will be daily praying by name for every kid on our YFC roster.   Please contact us at YFC if you are willing to join us as a prayer partner for these kids and we will send you the name of one of our kids.  


We believe God’s Spirit will allow us to impact teenagers in even greater ways (Ephesians 3:20) than anyone might think possible during this trying situation.  Thank you for your partnership and for your prayers!


Scott Anderson

Executive Director