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I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you.”  Ephesians 1:18

2020 is considered the gold standard when it comes to vision.  Physically, many of us don’t have 2020 vision and get frustrated that we can’t see clearly – the way we used to see!

The year 2020 was frustrating on so many levels!  Who could have ever imagined, even just a year ago, that we would see unrest and rioting all across America; or that we would all be wearing masks, feeling uncertain about how a virus would affect all of our futures?

This uncertainty is affecting the lives of the kids we work with every day.  They are frustrated that 2020 has clouded their vision.  They don’t see an end to all of this and therefore

 are extremely worried about their futures.  Many of them were struggling before all this happened, but now they are holding their breath waiting for the next shoe to drop.  They want something to bring them clarity & hope!

In the midst of a year of clouded vision we’ve continued to bring kids a message of hope.  For part of 2020 we had to learn to bring this message of hope in ways we had never done before.  During the “Shelter in Place” mandate we had to trust that God could speak to the kid’s hearts as we met (in what seemed to us so much less personal) over Zoom calls.  Then as we were able to once again meet in person, we needed to overcome masks and social distancing.  Through all of this we have seen God work – with many kids opening up in ways we would never have imagined.  Many kids are seeing that the only constant in their lives right now is an unchanging, loving God who can give them hope for their uncertain futures.  

We are so grateful to so many who have continued to stand with us with prayers and financial support during these uncertain times.  May God bring you hope and joy in 2021!  Please click the Be The Story video link below and consider helping us continue to bring hope to the kids here in Central Minnesota.  

In Christ’s Love,

Scott Anderson, Executive Director


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