Jim Richards

YFCWheels Coordinator

Why I do what I do at YFC?

I get to hang out around young teens, work on junkie cars and get all greasy. COOL!

My wife and I have always had a heart for the underdog, the youth at risk. We both were there!

Someone took time out of their lives to pour into ours! We consider it an honor and a privilege to have been given this opportunity to give back to the LORD. I just would like to say THANKS to YFC for giving us the facility in order to do that!

My Hobbies/ Interest?

I love the LORD and the wonderful helpmate HE has given to me. We both enjoy learning more about our Savior, and doing HIS will, whatever that may be!


Wife, Bonnie. We are so blessed! The LORD has given us two sons, two daughter in-laws and 4 grandchildren. We enjoy spending time with all of them.